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An Open Letter About Our Price Rises

Posted by Boundary Community Launderette on 04/10/2010

Dear Customers & Friends,

Our prices increased this morning, and we hope that the increases won’t affect you too much. As a community not-for-profit business we always think long and hard before putting up prices, and always make sure any increases are kept to a minimum. For the past two years we have only just managed to break even, and the directors have had to work exceptionally hard in order to ensure the launderette has stayed open. We have kept the increases as low as possible whilst covering day-to-day costs and, even with the increases, our charge for a large machine is still less than many launderettes charge for a small machine. For service washes other launderettes charges average £9 for a small wash and £12 for a large. We charge £7.60 & £9.40. Some of our customers are concerned about the increase in drying charges, but we haven’t increased the cost of drying in more than 12 years. For an average small wash the drying will cost an average 20p to 40p more, and for a large wash 40p – 60p.

Many of the machines in the launderette will soon have to be replaced, and as you may know the spinner has been in need of work for some considerable time. One of the reasons we have not been able to replace machinery and undertake major repairs are the prohibitive costs involved, requiring us to seek grant funding. We could not apply for grants whilst we were negotiating our lease. Our lease is now agreed and once we have the documents from Tower Hamlets, (we should have them this month – there was a delay due to an admin error), we can once again apply for grants. A massive £30,000 is required over the next few years, and we need £3,000 immediately. We cannot use grants for day-to-day costs – wages, fuel bills, rent, etc. – which is why we have also needed to increase charges. To help us further we may soon be making the launderette a charity, which will cut our costs and allow us to receive donations – currently we can only apply for grants.

Having just celebrated our 18th anniversary, we realise just how much the launderette means to the residents of the Boundary Estate and our neighbourhood. We value all the good will people have shown, and we hope that people understand why we have had to increase prices and why it sometimes takes us a little longer than we would like to get repairs done. At the forefront of our minds in all we do is the community we live in, and we hope that we continue to earn your good will.

The Directors, Boundary Estate Community Launderette


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