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Foggy Friday…

Posted by Boundary Community Launderette on 08/10/2010

Well, from the weather we’ve had in the past week, autumn has well and truly arrived with deluges and wild winds during the past week. The tops of the city skyscrapers were obscured by low cloud this morning, which was a slightly eerie sight, and the Boundary Estate caretakers have been on a constant round of  leaf-sweeping this week. It truly is time to get out the winter woollies and thicker blankets… You know where to come if they need freshening up!

We’re pleased to say that we’ve had the engineer in and most of our machines are back in full working order, (fingers crossed as I type this – not easy to do both!). The only exceptions are the spinner and one large machine because of the costs – we won’t bore you by repeating the reasons for this. There have been some concerns at the price rises and we hope that we’ve answered them. It is worth saying again though that the dryers hadn’t had any increase in over 12 years, and a large service wash with us is only a matter of pence more than a small service wash at many of our competitors! Not to put up prices would have made the launderette plunge into debt and eventually close. We couldn’t allow that to happen, especially after having so much support during our lease negotiations with the council!

So, on to things to do this weekend… We’ve not be able to find any free activities locally so we’re back to suggestions of local places to visit. The forecast seems quite good, so why not take a visit to Victoria Park or Mile End Park? With the leaves starting to turn there should be some lovely sights. If you’re adventurous and have some time you could walk from Vicky Park down to the Thames through Mile End Park.


Mile End Park


There are ten museums along the ‘Culture Line’, just hop on a train at Shoreditch High Street and you can head north to the Hackney Museum or south to the Horniman Museum, (it has a great garden and cafe) or other places that might take your fancy. Check out the website – There a loads of ideas for local places to visit on our website, just click on the links. Have a great weekend!


Gardens, Horniman Museum (© Horniman Museum)



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