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Japanese Tsunami – Our Donation

Posted by Boundary Community Launderette on 05/04/2011

The huge earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March had a devastating effect on millions of ordinary people. The sheer scale of human suffering and loss is absolutely dreadful. Tens of thousands of people were lost, whole villages and towns washed away and cities deluged and demolished. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything and it will take years for them to get back on their way to living normally.

Our immediate response as directors was that the bookstall money would go to the British Red Cross Fund, and to date this has raised £30 with more to follow as money collected through the bookstall until the end of April will be donated. As this was such an unprecedented event affecting so many people we thought we should do more and agreed that the service charge fees taken between 1st and 31st March would be donated. It would mean that we would have to delay some planned works, but the situation faced by people in Japan is of more immediate importance.

We can now confirm that the launderette will be donating £479.00.

Please continue to bring in your books and buy books from the bookstall – every penny raised goes to good causes. Thank you everyone who has donated and bought books, it is very much appreciated.

If you want to donate money to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal,please check out their website:


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