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Looking Forward

Posted by Boundary Community Launderette on 08/06/2011

The voluntary directors met on Monday, and now we’ve settled down after the worrying time we had about our lease we can make plans for the future of the launderette. There were a number of things we were unable to do until our new lease was in place, and now that six months have passed since we were granted the new lease we are able to move forward. We want to thank you all for your support and let you know what’s happening – we hope the following doesn’t send you to sleep!

We’ve got a new director on board, Naseem Khan OBE, and we’re very happy to welcome her to the Boundary Community Launderette.

You’ll be pleased to know that we don’t intend to increase any prices this year, we appreciate how difficult things are financially for a lot of our customers.

The launderette is looking a bit tired and in need of some TLC, so we’ll be getting redecorated inside and out. The process of getting a decorator has started so we hope it won’t be too long until the launderette has a bit more sparkle.

We are looking to purchase a new machine to replace both the broken-down large machine and spinner. We do have to obtain funding, (a time-consuming  process), as the new replacement costs a considerable amount of money to buy and install. The process of looking for funding has started in earnest.

Although we’re a community not-for-profit business, which means that we are run for the benefit of our local community, we are not a charity. To give us more scope to obtain funding and receive donations, the directors have decided that we will begin the process of applying to be a charity. This will take several months and the first step is to take legal advice, so we’re looking for a kind lawyer with relevant experience who will be able to advise us.

We’ll keep you posted on how we’re doing in getting the funding for the machines and in our application to become a charity. The purpose of the launderette is to provide a cost-effective service to the local community and we are doing all we can to make sure that the launderette continue to deliver this to you.


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