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Back to Normal…

Posted by Boundary Community Launderette on 03/01/2012

We hope you had an enjoyable break, whether you celebrated Christmas or not, and that 2012 will be good to us all (despite the gloomy messages from politicians of all parties).

If you’re a launderette customer, we’re back to normal opening now. You may notice that along with the new decor we’ve now provided benches to make lifting washing in and out of the machines a little easier, and we’ve also invested in a recycling bin to help us all reduce our landfill waste! There are a few bits of decor and repairs still to be done, but James and Mark will be back soon to do the work and make the launderette that little bit more gorgeous.

Sadly our marvellous manager Maire is still off work after her knee operation, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll be back towards to middle of January. We spoke on New Year’s Day and she was her bright and cheery self, longing to be back at work and amongst her customers and friends.

We’ve been applying for funding to replace the spinner and machine that are no longer working, but so far we’ve not had any luck. We are continuing to look for funding and will keep you posted. If you know of any charitable organisations that might help, please email us.

There are some chocolates left – Heroes and Quality Street – so take a couple whilst you’re waiting for your wash or when you drop off you service wash…

We’ll be back later in the week with ideas for free things to do locally at the weekend. See you then!

Looking Brighter!


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