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New Machine Installation Day Revealed…

Posted by Boundary Community Launderette on 18/07/2012

The work to remove the old, obsolete machines and install the new washing machine will take place on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th August. Because the water will need to be switched off, and some electrical switches isolated, for the work to be carried out we will be closed on those days.

The new machine will be larger than the other machines and is more energy efficient. It means that it will be able to cope with duvets and larger washes more easily. We have only been able to afford to buy the machine because of the Creme of Nature Community Action Award, so it is thanks to them and the people who voted for us that we have been able to by the machine. The machine alone has cost £3,600 and we also have to pay for the removal of the obsolete machines and installation of the new machine. We will be installing new shelving for service washes at the same time, so you should notice a huge difference when we open again Friday 10th August.

This September will mark our twentieth year of being open. We are now one of the longest surviving not-for-profit community enterprises in the country, and it has all been possible due to the solid support of our customers, the Boundary Estate community, the launderette staff and the voluntary directors. To make sure that the launderette stays open and offers a low-cost, decent service to everyone who needs it in our neighbourhood we have to fundraise. The prices we charge cover the day-to-day running costs of the business, but for machine replacement and other major work we have to raise money from other charitable organisations. All of the washing machines are now 20 years old and all will need to be replaced in the next few years, which will cost around £35 to £40,000 and we are now looking for the funding.

We don’t say it often enough, and nearly losing the launderette 2 years ago made us realise it even more, but the Boundary Estate Community Launderette is pretty special. This was recognised with a BURA award in 1994 and the Community Action Award on 10th July this year. We opened in 1992 thanks to Boundary residents campaigning and working together for the good of their community, when the council classed the estate as a hard-to-let area and businesses on Calvert Avenue were closing down and moving out. We have seen the fortunes of the area change hugely in recent times but the Boundary Estate is still a council estate, not everyone in the neighbourhood earns high wages and we are still open to all with the same principles and commitment to the local community we had at the start. We hope to continue for many more years – with your continued support and custom.

High-tech and energy efficient… All will be revealed on Friday 10th August!


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