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Boundary Estate 5: Coronation Party, 3rd June 1953

At the end of May 2012 we received a lovely email from Patricia Foschi, who was bought up on the Boundary Estate in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. She kindly offered to share her photos of the Coronation party held on 3rd June 1953 for Abingdon & Benson Houses with us. We are really pleased to post them on our website so they can be enjoyed by all, together with Patricia’s notes on the photos and her email. If you’re in any of Patricia’s photos, know anyone who is or have memories of the day please get in touch, and if you have other memories and photos of events on the Boundary Estate we’d love to hear from you. Email us:

As a child I spent much of my childhood in the late 1940’s to 1960’s living at No 39 Abingdon Buildings on the Boundary Estate and during the last year or two I found your website.  It is heart-warming that the community spirit continues to thrive on the Estate as it did in my childhood.

Considering the Royal Jubilee celebrations are due very soon, I am interested to know if you would like photographic memories of the Coronation parties which took place in those days of post-war austerity – indeed, there are similarities with the present economic problems.  Although times were hard, my late mother, Joan Ward,  motivated tenants of the above mentioned buildings and organised a weekly collection in order to make a  “Coronation Party Day”  to be remembered by the children from these buildings.  With a very limited time scale my mother sourced catering companies  etc.,and negotiated the best price deals. The Party was a great success and at the end of the day, every child went home with a cup, sauce and plate as a memento of the day.  Years later, I feel so proud of my mother for bringing our neighbours together to give their children, including me, a memory to cherish sixty years later on  the Diamond Jubilee.

It would be interesting to know if there are other ex residents out there with memories from the mid-1940’s to 1960’s or even longer terms residents with thoughts on the changes which have taken place over the years on the Boundary Estate.

I have observed from your site that the area now appears greener than in the years I spent there, with residents now encouraged to bring colour to their areas.  The bandstand at Arnold Circus  and Shoreditch Church gardens were our nearest form of colour relief from surrounding brickwork and concrete. I recall children were not encouraged by the band-stand keeper to run or play on the terraces.  Although obviously wrought with  dangers,  bomb-sites were the main areas for children to play, their minds running wild with imaginary lives and adventures.  Memories!

The idea of seeing photographs and hearing the reminiscences from other people would, I am sure, be interesting not only for past residents but also for present day residents of the Boundary Estate.

© Patricia Foschi & Boundary Community Launderette 2012

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