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Looking Forward

Posted by Boundary Community Launderette on 26/10/2021

We’ve managed to keep going through lockdown – thanks to the brilliant support of our customers – and we’re now able to start to look forward again and plan for the refurbishment of the premises and a replacement of the machines as we head for our 30th anniversary in September 2022. We had intended to start crowdfunding at the start of this year but decided it was the wrong time as we all concentrated on keeping safe through the height of the pandemic, but now we’re ready to devote time to planning for the future. We have been and will always be part of the wonderful community of the Boundary Estate and surrounding neighbourhood, and it is our aim to modernise and develop the launderette so that it can continue and expand its role as a community hub. We’re starting with addressing the very desperate need for a little bit of much deserved TLC for the space with the restoration of the shopfront and internal redecoration, and we’ll build up to the full redesign of the space and the installation of much-needed new machines during 2022.

The launderette began as an idea in 1990 when, after a wide-ranging consultation with residents of the Boundary Estate, the Environment Trust helped us raise funds for and set up the launderette – something our neighbours overwhelmingly voted for as the design of the flats, low water pressure and nowhere to dry clothes meant we needed to use a launderette and the nearest one was over half-a-mile away – so the launderette was born and over two years we fundraised and made a launderette in the premises Tower Hamlets Council had offered us in 1990. We opened for business on Monday 14th September 1992 as a not-for-profit community enterprise set up and run by residents, we employed local people and provided a much-needed service for everyone who needed it at lower charges than most for-profit launderettes charged. This is still the case today and that’s why we’re making our 30th anniversary year the year we prepare the launderette for the next 30 years, as a vital space within our community.

Check out our our crowdfunding page and if you can please help us reach our target – we have until the 6th December to reach our first target for the shopfront refurbishment and internal redecoration, and we’ll be sharing our plans for the major refurbishment and machine replacement during 2022. We know not everyone will be able to donate at all and we’re equally grateful for all the support in spreading the word and every single penny people might donate. All monies raised will be used for the improvement of the Boundary Estate Community Launderette and accounts will be published.

Exterior Design with New Shutters, design by Xanthe Wilkins
Proposed Colour Design by Xanthe Wilkins

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