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Local Walks

Weathervane, Arnold Circus Bandstand © Philip Green

Life is so fast-paced that we rarely have the opportunity to really take a look at the area we live in, yet within a few minutes of the Boundary Estate are some incredible places to visit, experience or even just look at – and most of it for free! Walk for London, Tower Hamlets Council and Walk4Life have joined together to design some great walking routes,  covering the whole borough.

You can download maps for free, connect with walking groups and, for those who want to take up walking as part of a healthy lifestyle, there are further guides and information from the Walk4Life website (don’t be put off – it isn’t preachy or patronising, the link is at the foot of this page). The highly detailed maps show places of  interest on the route, bus stops, underground/rail stations and places for refreshments.

Below the map are more helpful links. Enjoy yourself!

We’ve checked out the 10 walks within 2 miles of the launderette, click on the link and it will take you there – All you have to do is choose which walk: Local Walks

Tower Hamlets has its own site with further links and information: Tower Hamlets Walks

The Walk London site covers the whole of greater London, with walks suitable for everyone. They have links to walking guides and groups:  Walk London

Walk4Life is an NHS and local authority initiative, which is both helpful and easy to use:  Walk 4 Life

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