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Second-Hand Bookstall

We’re proud of our little bookstall which, thanks to our generous customers and friends, has raised a large amount of cash for charities and emergency appeals. Please keep bringing us your second hand books –  not only can they make time fly on a dreary day when the thrill of watching clothes whirl and spin loses its appeal, their sale can help others. If you have any ideas on any charities future money could be donated to, please let us know by emailing or tell one of the staff when you’re in the launderette.

Donations from Second Hand Book Stall Sales

Since 2006 we have raised money from the sale of second-hand books and donated all the money to local causes, (we originally started selling books to help raise money for the repairs to vandalised brickwork at the playground), national charities and to appeals made by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and the Red Cross/Red Crescent. We have made donations to the following:

The Boundary Playground Repair Fund – £110

The Indian Ocean Tsunami DEC Appeal – £20

The Burma Earthquake DEC Appeal – £20

The Red Cross/Red Crescent

Chinese Earthquake Appeal – £20

St. Hilda’s Community Centre

Gaza Relief Fundraiser – £20

St. Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney – £20

The Turnover the Page Literacy Project – £20

The Sickle Cell Society – £20

Crisis at Christmas 2009 – £40

Medecins Sans Frontieres – £40

The Haiti Earthquake DEC Appeal – £40

Macmillan Cancer Support – £20

One Difference Foundation – £20

The Pakistan Floods DEC Appeal – £40

Crisis at Christmas 2010 – £20

Richard House Children’s Hospice – £20

Shoreditch Youth Football Team – £20

Helen Bamber Foundation – £20

Small Steps Project – £30

British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal – £50

Great Ormond Street Hospital Cancer Appeal – £20

East African Drought DEC Appeal – £40

Crisis at Christmas 2011 – £30

Spitalfields Crypt Trust – £30

Trees For Cities – £20

British Red Cross Syria Appeal – £20

Sightsavers International – £20

3 Responses to “Second-Hand Bookstall”

  1. As a result of the generosity of everyone who has donated and bought books from the bookstall, we have been able to make a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee Pakistan Floods Appeal.

    If you wish to make your own donation, please go to the DEC website or call 0370-60-60-900

  2. The dreadful scenes of last Friday’s earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, and the increasingly desperate plight of the thousands of people caught up in the unimaginable horror, has made us decide to donate the book stall money to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. Currently we only have £20 in the coffers but this will be paid to the appeal this week, so if you’ve got any books you no longer want please bring them to us. All money raised from the bookstall for at least the next four weeks will be donated to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami appeal. We’re looking at other ways the launderette could raise money for people who have lost so much in this disaster, and we will keep you informed.

    Please go to the Red Cross site and see what they need, how they are helping and to make your own donation:

  3. We are donating £40 to the DEC East African Drought Appeal. If you want to see what the DEC are doing and/or wish to make your own donation, please visit their website: